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Statistics show the majority of people aren’t enthralled with their work

Posted by Stephen Allen on Wednesday, July 11, 2012, In : work details 

Statistics show the majority of people aren’t enthralled with their work. Interpreting the statistics meaning forces me to come to the conclusion it’s difficult for them to have a great time because instead of excelling they reached a plateau which causes static thinking, worry, stress, or tiredness. One way to break anhedonia is by applying the following peak performance structure to improve your mindset, mood, and motivation.

Home Routine

What are the daily prep items? These items get you...
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Resigning quietly: Is that good corporate etiquette?

Posted by Stephen Allen on Thursday, June 7, 2012, In : work details 

By Juliet Soh

You probably already know that it’s good etiquette to tell your supervisor that you are resigning before anyone else knows about it. This is because you don’t want your manager to get the news through the grapevine. Your manager and HR personnel should always be the first ones to know.

What most of us may not realise, however, is that the next people you should inform are your colleagues, vendors and clients you work with. It may be a hassle answering questions like “Why did...

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