Now with the development of Internet and its virous services ,more and more people know the internet and do so many things with it.

Everyday, we may use it for work ,order food,buy things you want or play games to relax yourself,sure,no one will forget its most powerful features:Communication,yeah,just is it to communicate with everyone through internet!

Look above,wo must admit that internet brings human so many convenience.

As most of people slowly become accustomed to communicate with their relatives,friends,teachers,students,colleagues and even superiors ……someone suddenly find that they need not to leave home to go to work outside or study sit in classroom,it sounds great for them,so they have a lot of free time to meet more people online or do something they want before.

But it also raises a problem that a large part of people ignore the communication in reality when they love and used to do like above i said.Some people said that communicate online may improve people's communication skill in reality,i think there's some truth in it but more of it is wrong.

After all,people live in real socity,so the reality is basic,communicate face to face &online do it is completely different things,when we face to face,we see each other beside us,expression of the limb and facial expressions of the reaction will bring some uncertainty to the commuication,and that's what you would not feel when you talk with other on twitter,facebook or ohter SNS community.

So when someone become used to live online for a long time,it must have some confusion for itself.

Too much online life Is not necessarily a good thing,we should pay attention to maintaining the balance between virtualization and reality then we can enjoy our life better. 

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