Statistics show the majority of people aren’t enthralled with their work. Interpreting the statistics meaning forces me to come to the conclusion it’s difficult for them to have a great time because instead of excelling they reached a plateau which causes static thinking, worry, stress, or tiredness. One way to break anhedonia is by applying the following peak performance structure to improve your mindset, mood, and motivation.

Home Routine

What are the daily prep items? These items get you to the job or field with the right mindset. For example, take a shower and shave, eat breakfast, have my gear (clothing and shoes) ready the night before, if you have children send them off to school, if you’re married tell your spouse when you expect to be home and talk about evening plans. Modify the list to your liking. Why do this? So you aren’t scrambling looking for your jacket or tennis raquet at the last minute instead you’re heading to work or the court in the right frame of mind.

Pre-game Routine

Once at work have a set routine to get you settled down. This should take approximately 15 to 20 minutes. Make sure to talk with people about whatever they want to talk about. Examples are “I get a safe driver discount”, “My child made the honor roll so I get a discount”, “my child is having trouble with school”, , “what did you think of the game last night?”. Although we separate work from our home life, we are social beings and interaction plays an important part in people knowing you and being a part of the workplace. Sure, you may say my routine is to get the most done in the morning and when most of the people are at the water cooler I’m getting it done. Guess what? Get in earlier or take a break and get to the place people are talking.

Otherwise, when you head to the cooler at your time there’s no one there. Yikes! It will make work a lot more meaningful and friendly.  Then, get a cup of coffee and check the news, plan your day or whatever else you like to do in the morning. Depending on your sport, instead of grabbing coffee, take two sets of five shots right handed from the right block, mid lane, and left block and then two sets of five shots left handed from the right block, mid lane, and left block, 25 free throws right handed, 25 free throws left handed, and two sets of two three pointers right handed and left handed from five spots. Make up your mind you’ll be there for the entire time. Now you’re settled down.