With Tom Brady as the brand’s endorser, Uggs Australia has announced the launch of an upscale men’s line of shoes, boots, and gloves under the Ugg Collection moniker. Produced in Italy, the high-end line is following in the footsteps of the successful women’s line they launched last fall. 

According to Leach Larson, Vice President and creative director of the Santa Barbara based company, “We wanted to take the brand up a notch and celebrate the craftsmanship that comes out of Italy. There are some core Ugg customers that will be interested in the Collection product, but it will also bring in new customers for us.”

Ranging from $325 to $795, the footwear is pricier than the Ugg For Men footwear collection, which ranges from $90 to $325. 

The new lineup, which was inspired by musicians like Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, and The Beatles’ rugged, rock ‘n’ roll-inspired look, will incorporate hand-dipped cachet leathers, stacked leather heels, and Italian wool shafts and will look more broken-in and masculine but still offer a sophisticated, hand-crafted look. 

According to WWD, these boots will look nothing like the Ugg’s we all know. Some pre-fall styles include a dressier aesthetic with suede chukka boots and lace-ups in bright colors of teal, blue, and green, with contrasting painted out-soles. 

In another move to bring more awareness to the men’s line, Ugg will open a men’s only store at 600 Madison Avenue in New York, on June 5, directly next to their Ugg Australia store. It will appear much more masculine and feature a unique interior to appeal to men only. 

Although the company is making moves to bring about a new clientele, it doesn’t seem like they’re struggling in the least. Last year, the wholesale sales of Ugg increased 38% to $915.2 million, up from $663.9 million in 2010. The company has 31 full-price worldwide stores, including 13 in North America, in addition to 14 outlet stores. Another seven full-price stores and 13 to 17 outlets are also planned to open this year.